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We guarantee the health of any animals purchased through us for 7 Days following the delivery of the animal. This health guarantee does not extend to our animals if purchased from a 3rd party. If at any point in these 7 Days you notice any abnormalities of health issues warranting concern please contact us immediately. If these issues are not brought to our attention before this guarantee ends Ruby Reptiles will not be held responsible for the health of the animal. This guarantee is only valid if the animal is receiving proper husbandry and care, Ruby Reptiles reserves the right to void the health guarantee if the animal is not being cared for properly. This includes Diet, Housing, Lighting, and Heating. Please do your research prior to purchasing an animal to ensure proper care is being provided.


All animals are shipped through Reptiles Express via Fedex Overnight. Packages are typically delivered by 10:30AM for most residences. Ruby Reptiles is not responsible for any delays in shipping, once the package leaves our facility it is out of our control. In order for a package to be shipped to your door we require temperature lows of at least 50, and nothing higher than 85 degrees. If your temperatures fall outside of these ranges within reason we can ship the animal to be held at a local Fedex facility for pickup. Shipping fees are non-refundable.


We guarantee the live arrival of any animal(s) purchased through us. In the unfortunate case where the animal(s) are dead on arrival (D.O.A.) we will replace the animal with another of your liking. However, for this live arrival guarantee to be valid we must be notified within 30 minutes of the tracking number marking your package as delivered. In this notice, we must receive pictures/videos/etc of the animal as proof. This guarantee is void if the recipient is not home to receive the package.


Any animals purchased as PET ONLY will not come with genetic background. These animals are sold solely with the intention of them going to a good pet only home. Any customers whom are caught using PET ONLY animals for their breeding program will not be allowed to purchase from Ruby Reptiles.


Any animals for sale may be placed on hold by an individual with intent to purchase. We require that you put down a deposit equal to 25% of the animals value. This deposit is non-refundable. We will hold these animals for a maximum of 30 Days. In the event that you fail to pay off the full value of the animal on hold by the 30th day, your deposit will be forfeited and the animal will be listed for sale.

Winter/Summer Holds (Gecko's Only) : Any geckos purchased during a time of the year where shipping is not permitted, we will happily hold the gecko for the entirety of the off season until suitable weather reopens at no additional cost. We do however require that the animal is paid for in full prior to this hold.


Ruby Reptiles LLC does not guarantee the sex of any any animals sold unless they're adults. We take all of our pictures with a Canon R5 and an iPhone 12 Pro Max. We do our best to have our images match the dragons color in person. We do not guarantee the color of any animals sold, nor do we guarantee the color they may be as they reach adulthood. Due to the unpredictability of animals, we also do not guarantee temperment, or conformation of the animal as they develop. Many factors are at play during growth and development that we cannot control.

  • Ruby Reptiles LLC reserves the right to change and modify these terms & conditions at any point in time, for any reason.

  • Ruby Reptiles LLC reserves the right to refuse a sale to anyone, for any reason.

  • Ruby Reptiles LLC reserves the right to refuse shipment if weather is not optimal. We will communicate with you to schedule a shipment when the weather is better so that the animals life won't be at risk. Your animals safe arrival is our top priority.

  • Ruby Reptiles LLC reserves the right to assess a restocking fee of 20% on any and all purchases made that request a refund prior to shipping.

  • Exchanges/Refunds are taken on a case by case basis; 

  • Shall any exchanges be granted, shipping will be at the expense of the buyer, and a replacement will only be shipped upon the arrival of the original animal in similar condition.

  • Shall any returns be processed, the buyer will be granted store credit - 20% restocking fee.


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